Vintage Lamps

Ideal for evoking the undeniable flair and style of past times, our vintage lamps collection contains all the lighting elements needed to replicate antique grandeur.

When you think of vintage, many images will come to mind. When it comes to lighting, this is likely represented by warm tones filled with amber twinkles and dusky accents. Our vintage lamps are perfect for creating a luxurious hue in any space, so you can style rustic-looking light fittings with matching accessories.

The collection means you don’t have to add modern parts to vintage accessories, which could instantly cause the style to be lost. From the colour of the lighting to the undeniable retro look, we allow spaces to be transported back in time as authentically as possible.

The main difference is that these light bulbs are all energy efficient, meaning you can still enjoy traditional home decor pieces without negatively impacting the planet or your bank balance.

If you have a space that needs to be adorned with a golden wash of light, choose our vintage lamps range.