G9 Lampholders

Our collection of G9 Lamp Holders provides all the components required to restore a damaged part of a lighting accessory. Allowing you to easily convert a broken product into a usable one, we offer only the best-sourced parts to ensure the fix lasts a good amount of time. 

G9 halogen lighting products are susceptible to damage over time as they produce high heat, especially when switched on for an extended period. This causes the plastic to become fragile and eventually split. While we cannot eliminate this issue, as it's a side effect of halogen lighting, we have sourced the most robust options available to keep lighting products working properly for longer. 

Our collection includes plastic caps, shade rings, metal caps and even shade rings to ensure that we have the item for the job no matter what part you need. How have we ensured that these products are the best? Our experience of working as electricians and specialising in household fixes means we know what to look for. Shop our collection today to turn a broken halogen lighting accessory into a glowing product.