GU10 Lampholders

Our selection of GU10 Lamp Holders provides all the components required to restore a damaged part of a lighting accessory. Allowing you to easily fix a damaged lighting product, our collection ensures that downlights are also made stronger thanks to our quality parts.

Over time, downlights will become damaged due to the extended periods of usage that these products are usually chosen for. This can cause components to wear and crack, leading to unsafe or broken accessories. With our collection of lamp holders, a fix can be achieved easily in a matter of minutes. Not just ideal for fixing older items, our collection also offers long-lasting solutions for new items, making them perfect for design projects.

Our collection adapters, base holders and options with leads ensure that we have the item for the job no matter what part you need. How have we ensured that these products are the best? Our experience of working as electricians and specialising in household fixes means we know what to look for. Shop our collection today to turn a broken downlight into a bright light source.