Kit 21 Components

Components of Kit 21.

Below are all the components that are listed in Kit 21, we have added more options here than in kit 21, offering more lampholders and bung sizes. This will enable to you to make your own kit if the pre-defined options on Kit 21 does not suit your lamp.


Nut Cover:

The nut cover is designed to change the finish off the top part of the bung.

Please Note: The Nut covers will only fit the following bung sizes 16-18mm | 19-21mm | 22-24mm


This part is the most important part as its going to hold the light in place. Please ensure you have measured the hole as accurately as possible, in some cases you may need to use glue or rubber bands to beef out the bung.

Please Note: The hollow holes in the following bung will be tight to push cable through, 14-15mm


Cable Cord Sets:

These cable cord sets are made in a manafacturing plant ans have moulded plugs and switches. These are 2.5meters long and switch is located approx 800mm from the unterminated end.

---- OR ----

Braided Cable:

Please Note: The hollow holes in the following bungs will be very tight to push cable through, 14-15mm | 25-28mm | 29-32mm | 33-36mm. You may need to strip away the cloth as it enters the bung.

---- Plus ---


---- OR ----


Please Note: These dimmers will not dim LED lamps, please check the spec on the product page description for max/min loadings and load type.

---- Plus ----


Custom Cord Set:

We offer a custom made lead service all you need todo is select your cable its length then what colour switch and plug and we will do the rest.

Cable Grommet:

The cable grommet will do the 2 things 1: protect the cable on potential sharp edges on the glass. 2: will finish off the look of the glass hiding any tiny chips.

Cord Grip:

This cord grip will hold any 3 core cable and is designed to go inside the bottle at the point were the cable leaves the bottle.

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