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Lighting Essentials for Spring 2021

Posted by Eve Edwards on 19th May 2021

Its that time of year to make everything in your home ooze Spring. With lighter and brighter colours and earthy textures and materials. Perfect for bringing the outside into your home. Lighting is … read more

Make Lockdown 2.0 Lit

Posted by Eve Edwards on 19th Nov 2020

We know how much people struggled in the first lockdown and that everyone is finding it difficult to get and stay motivated in these tough and straining times. Not being able to see friends and love … read more

Lighting Up a Unique Home

Posted by Eve Edwards on 11th Nov 2020

A house is not a home without all the extras that go in it. All the things and bits and bobs that you love makes a space feel like it belongs to you, giving you that warm and relaxed feeling as s … read more
Lamp bases and cap types

Lamp bases and cap types

Posted by Eve Edwards on 10th Nov 2020

In the UK we have 4 popular lamp types denoted by their caps, the base bit. The 4 types are.Bayonet cap, BC or B22Small Bayonet Cap, SBC or B15Edison Screw, ES or E27Small Edison Screw, SES or E14Just … read more
Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire

Posted by Eve Edwards on 10th Nov 2020

Stripping cable can be a tough task if you have never done it before, not to mention an unnecessary worry and time-consuming job when creating, restoring, or upcycling a lamp or light fitting. We … read more