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Wiring of a BC switched lampholder with internal earth

Posted by Martin on 26th May 2017

There are a couple of different ways that manufacturers provide the earth terminal in lampholders. S-Lilley which is a UK base manufacturer use an internal earth connection so there is no terminal see … read more

Lamp bases or cap types

23rd May 2015

In the UK we have 4 popular lamp types denoted by their caps, the base bit. The 4 types are.Bayonet cap, BC or B22Small Bayonet Cap, SBC or B15Edison Screw, ES or E27Small Edison Screw, SES or E14Just … read more

Plugs - Molded or wired, that's the question

22nd May 2015

When it comes to a 13a plug top what are you after?Do you have to have a molded one or would a rewireable one be ok?Well if you read the BS1363 is states that you can have either. However if the plug … read more

Community forum now open

8th Mar 2015

We have decided to make a forum for our customers and potential customers to enjoy.The forum is designed to help people engage with ideas on how to repair, replace or create lamp'sClick here to sign u … read more

Shop now listed on our facebook page

18th Feb 2015

We have now added our shop onto our facebook page.Even more places to order your lamp and light fitting spares.Here it is Facebook Store … read more