ES | E27 Bottle Lamp Kits

Are you looking for a home accessory with a difference? If so, our trendy bottle lamp adaptor kits are perfect. Inspired by some of the world's most popular beverages, if you are a fan of decadent evenings, we think you will adore this unique way of turning collectable bottles into a home decor item.

Our adaptors can be easily added to a range of different-sized glass bottles, offering a creative way to pay homage to something important to you. Whether you have a vintage collector's piece or even a bottle from a special occasion that you want to remember fondly, with our adaptors, you can add a new type of glory to the item.

To find your ideal adaptor kit, simply shop by size and design. To fit, all you have to do is simply securely push the kit into the bottle opening. You can then replicate expensive home accessories on a budget.