Drum Shade Kits

A drum lampshade is ideal if you’re looking for a timeless yet modern light-covering option. Thanks to its rounded design, variety of available colours and choice of sizes, these versatile lampshades can suit any space. Our complete kits offer you a way to make bespoke-fitting drum lampshades. 

Drum lampshade kits allow you to truly be the master of your own space with all of the tools needed to craft stunning lighting covers. As well as unlocking your creative juices, these kits are an extremely simple DIY solution, meaning even decor experts can turn their hand to some straightforward product design. 

Our drum shade kits are available in sizes and colours, ensuring you can find any tools for the job within our curated collection. Whether you are a tradesperson looking for a decor staple that provides a professional finish to a job or a home DIY-er who wants to perfect a bespoke finish, these kits are ideal for any need. Shop our collection now to find the perfect drum lampshade kits that uniquely finish any commercial space or home environment.