Black Dome Cover for Candle Lampholders

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Black Dome Cover for Candle Lampholders 

Black dome cover with a 10mm female thread in the base.

Used on the candle lampholders.

When you use the candle lampholder with candle drips you may not need the dome cover but sometimes if the need arises to cover the screw terminals on the Candle Lampholder this cover can be used. It snaps onto the bottom of the lampholder (make sure it’s the right way around) and allows the leg to still be pushed into place. Make sure you add the cover onto the wiring first, then connect the wires then push the lampholder onto the leg last as the barb can make it hard to remove.

The manufacturer of Black Dome Cover for Candle Lampholders is Arditi, who started in Brembilla, Italy and is one of the UKs leading manufacturers of specialised lighting components. They were founded in 1960, and now have over 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry. They supply beautiful products which are certified according to IEC, US, UL and CSA technical standards. They are also ISO 9001 compliant, Arditi is the ideal supplier for our Black Dome Cover for Candle Lampholders.

  • Diameter: 23.5mm
  • Length: 34.5mm
  • Thread Size: 10mm
  • Thread Pitch: 1mm
  • Thread Type: Female
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
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