Lamp Kits

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Lamp wiring kits, all you need to wire a wooden or ceramic lamp base to add a light.

We do several different Lamp Kits which are for the popular lamps however there may not be one exactly for you. We can help you put the parts together or you can order the individual parts from the Shop. We are adding new Lamp Kits all the time so it’s always worth asking.

Ceramic Fixing Kits

Ceramic Accessory Kit 2 8232612

£3.99 inc VAT
£15.99£19.99 inc VAT
£8.99£9.99 inc VAT
£15.99£18.99 inc VAT

ES | E27 Bottle Lamp Kits

ES | E27 Lampholder and Side Entry Kit33

£18.99£19.99 inc VAT