Ceramic Side Entry Wiring Kit with BC | B22 Lampholder

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Ceramic Side Entry Wiring Kit with BC | B22 Lampholder

This ceramic lamp kit is ideal for ceramic items with no cable entry hole in its base, or if you cannot drill a hole in the base.
Comes with a full fitting kit using a nut and washer underneath, so this means you will need to have some kind of access in the bottom of the lamp.
If you have a small hole in the bottom then we have a guide on how to install a lampholder onto a ceramic item with limited hand access

MAX hole size in ceramic lamp base 19mm (we provide 20mm washers) if you have a hole size larger than you can still use this kit but may need to get some larger washers from a DIY store.
But please note if you do get larger washers than the decorative nut cover that sits below the side entry piece will not cover the larger washer.

Come with a BC | B22 | Bayonet cap lampholder and a switched cable cord set.
Simply select the lampholder colour and cable colour, the lampholder colour will also be the side entry piece and the decorative cover below that which hides the steel nut used on top.

The total height of the assembly is 83mm this is from the top of your ceramic item to the top of the lampholder.

We have a full wiring guide for this kit, which can be found on our help centre: Ceramic Side Entry Wiring Kit Guide

The kit comes with the following items:
1x BC | B22 Lampholder
1x Side Entry Cord Grip
1x 2.5m Cable Cord Set with Switch
1x Fixing Kit - Threaded Rod, 2x Nuts, 2x Washers, 1x Plastic Washer, 1x Grommet

  • Lampholder BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
  • Lampholder Material: Brass
  • Lampholder Colour: Plated finish - Based on colour selected
  • Max Wattage: 60w (Lamp Not Included)
  • Cable Length Total: 2.5m
  • Cable Length from un wired end to switch: 800mm
  • Cable Outer Diameter: 7mm approx.
  • Cable CSA: 0.75mm
  • Switch: Single Pole
  • Shade Facility: Yes (Shade not included)

PLEASE NOTE: If selecting the gold cable colour option - the gold cable now has a white plug instead of the gold one shown in the images. This is due to a temporary change in supplier, see below for the new gold 3 core cable with a white plug.
Gold 3 Core Cable with White Plug