Closed End Plastic Crimp Connector Large

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Closed End Plastic Crimp Connector Large

The Closed End Plastic Crimp Connector Large offers a dependable way to ensure your electrical connections are protected and well-insulated. Crafted from high-quality plastic, these Closed End Crimp Connectors provide a barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that can compromise the integrity of your connections. Engineered for ease of use, these connectors simplify the crimping process, allowing you to achieve a solid and long-lasting connection without hassle.

Installation is simple - insert your wires into the connector, crimp it with your preferred tool, and rest easy knowing your connections are safe and secure. The plastic construction offers excellent insulation, preventing unwanted conductivity and potential short circuits.

Whether you're a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast working on your latest project, the Closed End Plastic Crimp Connector is a versatile and dependable addition to your toolbox.

Out of the 3 sizes of Closed End Crimp Connectors, this is the large size. These are also known as Butt Crimps as the wires are inserted from one end then crimped with a crimp tool or pliers.

Max cable diameter approx. 4.3mm 

Sold as singles.

  • Height: 20mm
  • Diameter: 10.1mm at the widest part 
  • Max Cable Diameter (approx.): 4.3mm