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Make Lockdown 2.0 Lit

Posted by Eve Edwards on 19th Nov 2020

We know how much people struggled in the first lockdown and that everyone is finding it difficult to get and stay motivated in these tough and straining times. Not being able to see friends and loved ones is a challenge not to mention pressure that is put on mental health and trying to overcome this can be difficult.

Lampspares believe taking it one day at a time and staying motivated and filling time doing something interactive and inspiring can help reduce that. And creating, restoring, and upcycling lamps and light fittings could be just the thing that you need to help keep focus and motivation in your mind through these gruelling times.

Get your brain working by looking at inspirational images of complete lamps and light fittings and design your own, so it fits perfectly into the décor and style of your home. Choosing every single part to fit your exact taste from the lampholder all the way down the colour and texture of the cable! Drawing up and picturing exactly where it will go and sit in your home, giving you something to spend time on and focus on, shutting the craziness out for a while.

Once you have drawn up and can picture your ultimate light fitting or lamp, next you will need to place the order for all the bits and bobs that will make the picture a reality. We might even have you covered and already stock the perfect kit for the project you have envisioned, and if we haven’t then no problem we have a wonderful range of stunning fixings, cables and our lampholder which come with detailed and easy to follow instructions on wiring. Simply hop online and find the perfect parts that are ideal for you and the light fitting or lamp that you have designed, you can find all these lighting components that you need here at:

The final part is always the best part! Once you have received the parts you require, following instructions and help guides that we have available you can create your ideal light fitting. And any questions and queries you can contact us here: Contact us page and we will be happy to help.

Once construction is complete you have the perfect light fitting that is completely original and suitable for your home. These few steps will keep you occupied and focused during lockdown! Having a goal to reach and a reason to be motivated and complete your own personal tasks is crucial in these times and is sure to keep you in a motivated and positive mindset.