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Lighting Essentials for Spring 2021

Posted by Eve Edwards on 19th May 2021

Its that time of year to make everything in your home ooze Spring. With lighter and brighter colours and earthy textures and materials. Perfect for bringing the outside into your home. Lighting is a perfect way to incorporate everything that you love about spring into your home, whilst following the trends and creating stunning statement pieces with ease.

Here at Lampspares we have a wide variety of Kits, cables and other lighting components that allow you to create your own unique light fittings. We would love to give you some inspiration and tips for using our products and sprucing up your lights this Spring. 

 1)A great way to create a stunning spring table lamp is by bringing some of the great outdoors inside. Using one of our simple but effective wooden lamp base kits you can create a show stopping light. Finding a sturdy yet decorative piece of wood that you would like to incorporate into your home or even carving and shaping a piece of wood yourself and following the simple instructions that come with our kits you will be onto a winner. Ideal for creating a new texture and adding it to your home, but still with practical purposes. Inventing a spectacle within your home with such ease and without breaking your bank balance.

2) Spring is full of colour and now is the perfect time to take some of that colour and inject it into your home. And what is a more perfect way then by simply adding a pop of colour to your light fittings with our wonderful, braided flex cable.

Swapping your standard black and white PVC cables that you have running through your home for some more pastel and colourful shades will be sure to not only allow the lamp or light stand out but also brighten the room and infuse Spring through out your home.

Here at Lampspares we have a glorious range of braided flex cables which are perfect for integrating into your home and illuminating what could have been a standard light fitting. Lampspares stocks over 100 different styles and coloured cables which could make all the difference, including different textures and designs.

From the subtle pastel pigments and beautiful block colours to the perpetual pixel braided cables with are sure to give you the colour that you need.

3)It is the time of year that even the smallest of changes can make such a big difference. Embodying minimum light but in a stylish way, using decorative lamps with a quirky style or filament is so on trend this Spring. Such a classic thing as a light bulb with a twist could be the way to become a trend setter this Spring.

Lampspares has a breath-taking range of decorative bulbs that are sure to draw the eye of any visitor that you have in your home this Spring.

From dipped gold globe light bulbs to extraordinary giant lights bulbs which will be sure to brighten and add a unique touch to any home at this time of year. 

We hope that these three tips and tricks have helped you get your Spring home in order and that our wisdom will make a big difference in your gorgeous homes. Share these ideas and styles with your friends and family and make sure that everyone is ready to start the Spring with a bright and beautiful home!

Just to sum up, bring the outdoors inside, do not be scared to use a pop of colour on your already much loved and used lights and there is nothing better than a lavish light bulb this Spring.