BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap Threaded 40mm Diameter Black Lampholder

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BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap Threaded 40mm Diameter Black Lampholder 

The BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap Threaded 40mm Diameter Black Lampholder is the impeccable replacement for a table lamp or why not simply add a 10mm male cord grip to turn this lampholder into a pendant lampholder.

This BC | B22 lampholder has a 10mm entry base and has the outside diameter of 40mm to match the Edison Screw style Lampholders.

Comes in 3 parts comprising of the cap which is the section that screws onto the fixing of the light fitting (or cord grip for a pendant lamp), the centre connection unit where you will connect the live (Brown) and neutral (Blue), then finally the top section which will screw over the connection unit and onto the cap.

Comes with a 10mm base thread with a locking screw with the following 2 options:

  • Non Earthed Cap - This means you cannot install an earth wire only use if you have a 2 core cable just Live and Neutral.
  • Earthed Cap - This means you can attach an earth wire (Not recommended if you do not have an earth)

The BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap Threaded 40mm Diameter Black Lampholder comes with 2x shade rings allowing you to easily attach a shade 


  • Height: 65mm
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Diameter Inc Shade Rings: 57mm
  • Entry Inside Diameter: 10mm
  • Lamp Type BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
  • Max Wattage: 60W LED Recommended
Shade Compatible:
Lamp Type:
BC | B22
MAX Wattage: