3 Core Cable with UK Mains Plug Top

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3 Core Cable with UK Mains Plug Top

Take the stress away from installing a plug onto the braided cable and let us do it for you. This is a premade 3 core cable with a UK mains plug top installed on the end to save you installation time.

Customise your pre-made lead by choosing from our wide range of braided flex cable and 3 different plug top colours. Simply pick the colour combination that suits your style/décor best.

Customisation Options:

  • Cable Colour: Pick from our wide selection of 3 core braided cable, both round and twisted. We stock over 100 different colours and style of braided flex, simply scroll through the additional images or type the number (SKU) at the end of each cable into our website’s search box for a closer look at each cable.
  • Cable Length: Select your desired cable length from our options. You can select the total flex length from 1m to 10m.
  • Plug Colour: Select from 3 different colours; Black, White and Transparent.
Returns: please note all custom leads are non-returnable. if you have a problem with the lead, please contact us.

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  • Cable Cores: 3
  • Cable CSA: 0.75mm²
  • UK 3-Pin Plug Top