1w LED Brass Plain Body Mounted Assembly With 10mm Thread 4859363

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1w LED Brass Plain Body Mounted Assembly With 10mm Thread 4859363

This stunning solid brass Light fitting is perfect for creating a reading lamp or decorative wall light, the fitting comes with a Solid Brass cone and a 1W LED with a 450mm Fly lead for connecting to the driver/converter.
The plain body fitting comes with a 10mm threaded entry in the back ready to screw onto a standard 10mm lighting thread such as a flexible tube or ceiling/wall rose.

Ensure when designing the light that you have room to install the driver/converter as this will ideally need to be hidden, if like in the images you are planning on making a wooden base reading lamp then you can cut out the wood underneath to hide the driver.

  • Light output is warm white
Please Note: Wooden base and brass flexible tube not included.
You will require a driver to run this light fitting search SKU: 4794446 for the compatible driver.
This brass assembly is in a RAW condition so will need to be polished if you want a polished effect - This means you may see machine marks from the machining processes.

Driver Information (Not included with this product, Sold separately):
Amount of lights per driver: 6 x 1w
1: Driver powered LED products must be wired in series.

2: DO NOT POWER UP THE DRIVER WITHOUT LED'S CONNECTED. If the power supply is connected to the mains before the LED connections have been made, turn off the mains supply and short circuit the output terminals (put a wire between + and -).
This is because of a large stored voltage ramp that exists in an open circuit situation that would burn out the LED's as soon as they are connected.

3: All switching on LED circuits must take place on the mains side of the driver and not the output side for the reasons stated above.

See diagram below.