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Turning a bottle into a lamp

Turning a bottle into a lamp.

There are many very lovely bottles that can be turned into lamp and there is no reason why any one of them cant be used.

The main question to ask is do you want the flex to go inside the bottle or outside?

For flex to go inside the bottle you will need to drill a 10mm hole where you want the flex to entre and this is going to be one of the hardest things to do so try this first before you get all the parts. If you are having the flex coming out under the lampholder then you wont need to drill a hole in the glass.

You will need to know the neck size as you will need to fit a bung here to hold the lampholder. A tip to measure the inside dimension is to cut a piece of cardboard and slowly cut a bit more of until it fits inside the neck them measure across the cardboard for the diameter of the inside of the neck.


For the flex running into the bottle.

Drill the 10mm hole and fit a grommet (part PLU15559) to the hole. Pass the flex through the grommet and fish the flex out the neck with a piece of wire.

Then fix a cord strain relief to the flex so that when its pulled back into the bottle it sits behind the grommet and allow a bit of flex at the neck for the wiring of the lampholder.

Fit the rubber bung by passing the flex through the hole, tighten the bung and fit the lampholder.


If the flex is not to run into the bottle.

Fit the rubber burg into the neck tighten and add a Side Entry cord grip (part PLU71739 Brass or PLU21496 Chrome) to the bung. Add the cap or base part of the lampholder to the cord grip. Pass the flex through the side hole and into the lampholder. Wire the lampholder.