Side Entry Coupler 10mm Nickel

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Side Entry Coupler 10mm Nickel 

This Side Entry Coupler 10mm Nickel is a basic and simple way to get a flex into a lampholder when the cable can't come through the lamp. The coupler screws onto a 10mm male thread like a backplate or Allthread and allows a lampholder with a 10mm female thread to be screwed on to the top. This then allows the cable to enter the lamp just below the lampholder. This is especially useful if you have a bottle where you cannot drill a hole in the glass.

Please Note:
 This side entry coupler does not have any form of cord grip so it should only be used with a lampholder that has its own cord grip facility. If you are unsure please search for or click the following link 'Side Entry Cord Grip' for similar side entry but with built in cord grips.

  • Height: 27mm
  • Height (excluding the top male thread): 19mm
  • Thread: 10mm
  • Cable Entry Hole Diameter: 7mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
Note: This is for the coupler only, any fixings or cable shown in the images are for reference purposes only.