Inline Low Voltage 12V LED Inline Dimmer 5213515

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Inline Low Voltage 12V LED Inline Dimmer 5213515

This inline dimmer is designed for LED low voltage light fittings.
Generally these fittings will have the G4 light bulbs in which are 12v.

There are 3 jumpers inside this dimming module, you must ensure you select the correct output for your system.
Inside are some instructions with a table showing you the max Wattage (of your system) simply match your MAX wattage to the table, and it will show you what mA output you have.
Then simply set the jumpers to the mA output.

The default position is 350 mA, this is the correct setting for a MAX wattage of 15W using no more than 12x LED'S on the system - this is the most common setting to use.

The following information is based on a 220-240V system:
1-12 LED Lamps totalling 15W MAX = 350mA
1-11 LED Lamps totalling 17W MAX = 400mA
1-8 LED Lamps totalling 19W MAX = 450mA
1-8 LED Lamps totalling 20W MAX = 500mA - 550mA
1-7 LED Lamps totalling 20W MAX = 600mA - 650mA
1-6 LED Lamps totalling 20W MAX = 700mA

If you need further information, please contact us.

Please ensure that you use this dimmer with a 12v system with LED Lamps, failing to do so will destroy the dimmer and void any warranties with the unit.

You can tell if your light fitting is 12v by some quick, simple checks.
  • The plug is it fat and has a transformer inside? (Will not look like a standard plug)
  • Is there any electronic in the base of your light fitting?
  • Does the light bulb say 12v on them?
If you are not sure please do get in touch with us and we can help you.

Please Note: There is no physical click "OFF" it will dim down to 0% electronically.

Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 34mm
Input Voltage: 240v
Constant Current Output (CDT)
Output Voltage: 12-42Vdc
Output Wattage Range: 20W
Lamp Style: LED