Incandescent Dimmers

Being able to dim a light fixture is essential for creating the desired mood and ambience within a space. These features transform the same area from an awakening haven to a spot perfect for winding down at the touch of a button. We offer a collection of easy-to-use dimmer switches to ensure that traditional incandescent lighting can be controlled. As long as you are using a suitable light bulb and fixture set-up, these switches can be installed for enhanced functionality in any room. 


Our collection of incandescent dimmers includes a rotary function which allows a responsive dial to be moved, resulting in instant lighting edits. Simply include table lamps in the wiring set up for an affordable lighting upgrade. We also offer a range of finishes as we understand that even the smallest component parts can greatly impact interior design. From vintage-inspired gold to modern transparent casings, we have something for any aesthetic requirement.

All products are also supplied with full technical specifications to reduce the chance of errors occurring and to make the shopping process simple. Explore our collection now!