Gold In Line Table Lamp Rotary Dimmer

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Gold In Line Table Lamp Rotary Dimmer

This Gold In Line Table Lamp Rotary Dimmer is for the inline control of table lamps.

The Inline dimmer has a rotary dimmer type wheel. It has a built-in led to help you find the rotary control in the dark. This dimmer will dim to 0% then electronically switch off. You will not feel a click off.

There is a serviceable fuse inside the dimmer. In some cases if the light bulb blows it may break the fuse.

Please refer to the additional image for wiring diagram.

The manufacturer of the Gold In Line Table Lamp Rotary Dimmer is Arditi, who started in Brembilla, Italy and is one of the UKs leading manufacturers of specialised lighting components. They were founded in 1960, and now have over 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry. They supply beautiful products which are certified according to IEC, US, UL and CSA technical standards. They are also ISO 9001 compliant, Arditi is the ideal supplier for our Gold In Line Table Lamp Rotary Dimmer.


  • Length: 96.5mm
  • Height: 28mm
  • Width: 30.5mm
  • Input voltage: 220-240v
  • Power Range: 20-160W
  • Type of load: Incandescent
  • Dimmability: Rotary control
  • Ambient Temperature (Ta): 35 degrees C
  • Estimated Lifetime: 40000h
  • Max Cable size: 0.75mm
Please note the type of load and the power range.

Power range means the total wattage of output on the dimmer so for this item you cannot put a light bulb in that is less than 20w and no higher than 160w