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Fixing a lamp in a vase with a cork or wooden top

If you have a vase or bottle that has a cork or wooden top to support the lampholder then you may want to try this fixing method.

You will need a 10mm hole in the cork or wood then add a Allthread rod held in place with a washer and nut on the bottom and the top. Leave about 6mm of thread sticking out the top for the lampholder.

You can add a nut cover to the top nut to cover it before adding the lampholder.

Pick a 10mm entry lampholder for the top of the allthread rod.

The flex is then fed through the side hole and a cord grip is added to stop the flex from being pulled out. Add a grommet in the allthread to stop the flex being damaged before wiring the lampholder. Make sure the flex is protected where it passes through and cant get damaged.


You can use a hole grommet here.

 In this example below it seems that the cork could not be removed so one suggestion is to add a Allthread rod in the existing hole and glue it in place leaving about 6mm out the top.
Add a Brass washer and then a side entry cord grip like this.
Then pick a lampholder with a 10mm screw base and you are done.
Using an Allthread to hold the lampholder is a easy way when using a cord. Just select the length of Allthread, nuts and washers from this section and on page 2 are the Steel ones to keep the cost down. Just leave 6mm of thread above the cork to fix the lampholder.
So once you have put the allthread through the cork and help it in place with nuts and washers then pick and lampholder with a 10mm screw entry for either of these.
Feed a flex cable through a side hole and up the all thread, dont forget to add a cord grip like this on the inside of the vase.