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Fitting Our Rubber Bungs

This is a quick quide to show you how to use and fix our rubber bungs for your bottle.

Step 1: Grab a 14mm spanner or adjustable grips, holding the rubber part with 1 hand tighten up the nut on top until its a snug fit into the bottle (not tight) just enough so you can push the bung down into the bottle.

fixing bung 1     

Step 2: Once the bung has a snug fit ensure the cable is installed and stick out the top of the bung as seen below.

fixing bung 2

 Step 3: Push the bung all the way down so it bottoms out on the washer.

Fixing bung 3

Step 4: Once you are happy with the rest of the installation take your 14mm spanner or adjustable and slowly tighten up the nut on top of the bung, You may find you need to use the tip of your finger to hold the washer to prevent the bung from spinning.

If its too loose you will need to take the bung out and tighten it whilst holding the rubber (step 1)

If the bung is not spinner you should feel it get tighter in the bottle, stop once you feel you have a nice sound fixing.

fixing bung 4


Hopefulyl at this point you now have succsefully fixed the rubber bung into the bottle.

If you have any questions please do get in touch via our contact form.