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Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: How to stop the cloth braid from fraying when i strip the cable?

A: Use a bit of sellotape at the point of stripping leaving a small amount on the cable still, this will prevent and cloth from fraying whilst installation is in progress.

Q: What Does BC, SBC, ES, SES mean?

A: Here is a quick run down of the most common lamp cap types.

  • BC (B22) - Bayonet Cap the more common type of lamp found in your home, the lamp pushes in and twists 90 degrees.
  • SBC (B15) - Small Bayonet Cap generally found in smaller applications due to the lampholder being smaller, the lamp pushes in and twists 90 degrees.
  • ES (E27) - Edison Screw Cap is becoming more Popular as most of the vintage squirrel cage lamps seem to be ES versions, these lamp screw into the lampholder.
  • SES (E14) - Small Edison Screw cap is the same as the ES version just smaller again generally found in some smaller applications as the lampholder is smaller.

Q: What is 10mm or 1/2" entry mean? 

A: There are 2 more common thread sizes in the world of lighting, 10mm and 1/2" (12.7mm) approx. To find out what one you need is simple, there should be a thread that's sticking out of your lamp fitting were the lampholders screws onto, you simple need to measure the diameter of that thread. 

Q: What kit do i need?

A: This can be a more tricky question to answer, not every project will require a kit as such, a kit on our website is just a bag full of pre selected parts to get you up and running quickly, however if you have a slightly more complex project for example turning a fire extinguisher into a light, then you will need to get the parts separately. But please do contact us and we can help you with the parts needed. 

Q: What Pitch size is on the threads?

A: The pitch on the 10mm entry is 1mm and the pitch on the 1/2" entry is 26TPI

Q: How to order more than 1 meter of cable?

A: All of our cables are sold per meter, if you require more than 1 meter just select the length you want in the qty box, they will come in 1 continues length upto 50 meters.