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Broken Lampholder Repair

This section will help you repair an existing lamp with a broken lampholder.

This will apply to any type of lamp base as the principle will be the same.

Firstly remove all the parts from the old lampholder so you leave just the male thread that the old lampholder was screwed onto and the wires coming out the top.

Now measure the diameter of the male thread, in most cases it will be 10mm or 1/2" (12.7mm) but there are a few odd ones out there. 

Decide now the type and style of lampholder you need like, Metal or Plastic, BC (bayonet with the 2 pins) or ES (Edison Screw) and of course with or without a switch. Below we have given you some links to the lampholder that you will need. Dont forget to note the diameter of the thread as this will be refered to as the "screw entry" size. Also an important note, if you only have 2 wires then you cant use a metal lampholder as this will need to be earthed.

Click on the images to open up a new window.

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BC Switched Lamp holders

BC Un-Switched Lamp holders

BC switched lampholder
BC UN-switched lampholder.jpg

ES Lamp holders

SES Lamp holders

ES lampholder
ses lampholder

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After adding the item you want close the window to bring you back here. If you press F5 on your keyboard it will add the item to your basket.