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Wiring a lamp base for the first time

Wiring a lamp base for the first time can be confusing in knowing what parts from the lampholder to the plug. Here we have tried to lay it out in stages which we hope will help you in picking the right part for your lamp design.There are 4 main areas that you will need to understand.
  • What Lampholder.
  • How to fix the lampholder.
  • What flex to use.
  • What cord grip to use.
So firstly we are going to look at the Lampholder. What type and style do you want to use?
  • Switched,
  • un-switched,
  • metal
  • plastic and colour.
The lampholder in most cases will be fixed with a 10mm threaded fixing so choose a lampholder if you can with a 10mm screw entry for you base. Here you can select from the popular types however at this stage you now need to decide on the type.

Please Note: After clicking on one of the images, It will open a new window for you to select a lampholder to add it to your cart. After adding the item you want close the window to bring you back here. If you press F5 on your keyboard it will add the item to your basket.Then move onto the next stage and repeat until you have a basket with all the items you need.

BC Switched Lamp holders

BC Un-Switched Lamp holders

BC switched lampholder
BC UN-switched lampholder.jpg

ES Lamp holders

SES Lamp holders

ES lampholder
ses lampholder


Now we need to decide how the lampholder is going to be fixed to the base. There are many ways to do this but as i mentioned before,
If you use the 10mm fixings there are options for just about every design.

Click on the images below to find out best ways of fixing a lampholder to that material.

Wooden Lamp

Ceramic Lamp


Now you should have your chosen lampholder in basket along with the relivant fixings depending on your lamp style.

It is now time to choose the style and colour of flex you want.

Please note that if you have chosen a metal lampholder you MUST have a 3 core cable which has an eartch cable inside, but if you have a plastic lampholder and the light fitting is non conductive then you can use a 2core cable.

  • Pvc flat (2core cable)
  • Pvc round (2&3 core cable)
  • Braided round
  • Braided twisted

All cable types come in various colours.

Braided Flex

Pvc Flex



Then Finally you will need to find an appropriate cord grip to protect your cable from pulling out.

There are several styles of cord grips to choose from, there is no real right or wrong cord grip as long as you can stop the cable from being pulled out, And it looks nice then you can choose any

Cord Grip