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Wooden Table Lamp

This is a basic guide to Wiring of a Wooden Lamp construction and can be applied to several different stylewooden-example.jpgs or even a tall standard lamp, the principles and methods are the same.

Here we have fitted a un-switched Brass lamp holder and a in-line switch in the flex cables.

You could use other types of lamp holder and if you use a plastic style you will only need a 2 core flex. 

This is a metal lamp holder so it has a 3 core flex. We supply pre-made flex cables with the plug and if need the switch fitted so all you will need to do is connect the lampholder up. As with all electrical work you must be competent in doing the work before you start.

Some important things to remember, you must stop the flex being pulled out of the fitting and in this example we are using a cord grip screwed into the wood (type 347A self cutting) but you could use a Flex Cord Grip if you have room on the underside. You will need to ensure any sharp edges on the inside for example cannot damage the flex wire. You should also get this tested before you plug it in.

With a wooden lamp there are 3 main ways to mount a lamp holder. I have given some examples below.

Using an Allthreaded rod

allthread.jpgThis method uses a Allthreaded rod fixed into the top of the wooden lamp. The popular Allthreads are 10mm which means it has a 10mm diameter on the outside and a slightly smaller hole throughout its length. You can get thee from 13mm to 1000mm.
The idea is to drill a hole into the top of the wooden lamp just under 10mm. Then carefully indert the Allthread into the hole and fix with some form of glue or adhesive. Leave about6mm out the top for the lamp holder. If you want to raise the lamp holder you can use a Brass Tube Spacer to raise the height by 75mm. Just make sure you leave 6mm + 75mm of the Allthread sticking out the top. So for this example you may need a 200mm Allthread.
Once the Allthread is inserted into the wooden lamp and the Brass Spacer added (if being used) you can add the base section of the lamp holder and lock in place if locking screw included.



Using a Wood Nipple

wood-nipple.jpgThis method of fixing the lamp holder uses a wood nipple screwed into the top of the wooden lamp. This has a course thread on one end and either a 10mm or 1/2" fine thread on the other, depending on which lamp holder you choose. Just drill the hole slightly smaller than the nipple and screw it in place. The lamp holder can now be screwed onto the top of this nipple. Please note that this method does not easily allow for an extension in height of the lamp holder.


 Using a Backplate

back-plate.jpgThis method is less intrusive on the wooden lamp as the Brass Backplate is screwed on the top of the lamp using 3 small screw. This backplate can then be covered with a Nut Cover if so desired. These normally come in either 10mm or 1/2"