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Glass Lamp Base

Some tips that might help when turning a Glass Bottle or base into a light.

There are lots and lots of different bottle and glass jars out there that would make a great looking bottle table light but what parts do we need.

Below I will help with some basic information and parts that will help with the construction and wiring of the jar or bottle. As you decide what part you want just add it to your basket as you go. These links will open up a new tab so once you have selected the part close the tab to come back to here.

The first question is “does the flex go into the bottle or jar” if it does not you will need to add this cord grip on to the top of the bung.

If it does go into the bottle and there is a hole at the bottom on the side this hole wants to be 10mm for a cord grip. So starting at the top, what the size is the hole in the top? The best way is to fit a rubber bung and here you will find a few that will fit most bottles.

14-15mm Bung   19-21mm Bung    22-24mm Bung             See more sizes here

Once you have the right size bung you can add a lampholder. As the bung has a 10mm thread pick any lampholder that has the 10mm screw entry. Just click on the style you want below and add to your basket.

BC Lampholder

ES Lampholder

Now it’s the time for the flex cable. If you picked a metal lampholder you will need a 3 core flex as this will need to be earthed. Also if the lampholder had a switch on it then you need an un-switched cable or cord set. Just select the one you need from this section.

Cable cord sets

You only need this next bit if the flex goes into the bottle

Now for that 10mm hole in the side where the cable is to come out off. You will need to add a cord grip and this is by far the best type to use. Just glue this in the hole and leave it to go off.

Cord grip

So now we have the parts how do we wire it.

Once the cord grip is glued and stuck well pass the cable unwired end through from the outside and into the bottle. Carefully fish the cable out the top of the bottle. Feed the cable through the rubber bung and push the bung into the bottle neck. You will now need to tighten the bung a bit to grip. Place a screwdriver each side of the cable and turn the Brass threaded part of the bung to tighten. You can use thin nosed pliers if you have them. Add the base part of the lampholder and if need just add a small spot of glue to the thread but only a spot. Wire the connections to the lamp and add the lamp skirt and tighten up. Finally with the cable loose tighten the grub screw on the cord grip.