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Book Stack Light

Been asked for some ideas on how to make this Book Stack Light. This picture is American so you should not use these fitting ibook-light-m.jpgn the UK.

Firstly decide how tall the stack is going to be as you will need to insert an Allthread through all the books. Also decide how the flex is going to come out at the bottom as you will need a cord grip here, I have listed one below.

Drill a 10mm hole in each of the items to be stacked and a 10mm hole in the base. The base plate will need to ha a bigger recessed hole or cut-out to allow the flex cord grip to be used if not add some feet to the base.

You will now need to work out the exact length the Allthread will need to be. Fit the cord grip on the bottom of the thread by holding it in place with a steel nut and pass it up through the stack and out the top. You would do well to add on the top a steel washer and nut to clamp the stack together. Add a nut cover to cover this nut. The lampholder requires about 6mm of Allthread to fix to so if you do not want to raise the lampholder, allow just 6mm above the nut cover. If you intend to raise the lampholder add the desired space (up to 300mm) to the Allthread and again allow 6mm of thread for the lampholder.

Cut the Allthread to length and ensure there are no sharp parts on the cut end. Always use grommets in the ends of the Allthread.

Re-assemble the Allthread into the stack and check it looks correct.

Pass the wire up from the bottom through the Allthread and out the top. Don?t forget to add the spacer if the lampholder is raised.

Fit the bottom part of the lampholder onto the Allthread and you may add a spot of super glue or nut lock to the thread. Add a grommet to protect the flex in the top of the Allthread rod.

Connect the Earth wire to the earth terminal and the Brow and Blue to the correct terminal?s on the centre part of the lampholder. Add the lampholder skirt and locking screw and carefully tighten.

On the bottom ensure the flex is fitted in the clamp of the cord grip.

This should now complete the assemble but please remember there are many different ways to create this and many different parts you can use like switched or un-switched lampholders.

I have listed below some of the products that you will need but you will also need a lampholder and flex to finish this project off. These are links to the BC LampholdersES Lampholders and the Flex Cables. Just remember you will need a lampholder that has a 10mm screw entry to fit to the Allthread and if its metal you will need a 3 core flex.