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Bell Jar Light

In this example we are not supplying the Glass jar or the wooden base but the rest of this design we can supply.bell-lamp-example-m.jpg

You will need a 10mm hole in the centre of the wooden base and either a channel on the rear of the base for the cable or you can use feet to raise it up.

Below are links to the parts.

First screw the Brass back plate to the top of the wooden plate in the centre.

Add the Brass nut cover over this to hide the screws.

Add the cap of the lampholder onto the thread of the backplate and lock in place with the locking screw in the cap.

Feed the flex up through the base and terminate the 3 electrical connections. Always make sure you are competent to do this electrical work before starting or seek advice.

Fit the skirt to top part of the lampholder and when you tighten it up it will lock into the cap. This is a lock that can be undone if needed as it is intended to stop the lampholder being unscrewed when taking the bulb out.

On the underneath of the base ensure you can add the cord grip across the flex to stop the cable being pulled out of the lampholder.


Test your work and add the lamp.